Whats Happening?

The reason for the sandbox tutorial video taking so long to come out is due to me. I wanted to make a complete version of the game that will be made in the tutorial. The reason for me wanting to do this, is so that i can show you what you will make in the tutorial and to be able to avoid any bugs that may have popped up. It is a good thing i am doing this because as i was doing this i came across a bug that took a week to solve. Sorry for this, i thought it would be a good idea to tell you whats happening and why it is taking so long.

So When Will The Next Tutorial Be Out?

The next tutorial may be out in 1 months and 2 weeks with no delays. But there are personal issues arising so there may be a delay but lets hope not.

Why Such A Long Time Till The Next Tutorial Video?

The reason for it being a long time is due to the fact that i have to complete the graphics and the game. I am also giving more time incase of any major bugs that take a while to solve. Also i am working on another game at the same time that is going to have an update soon ('Time Move' Update : https://ghostrunners25.itch.io/time-move/devlog/27119/update-coming-soon-to-time...).

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Again sorry.