Update Coming Soon To 'Time Move'

There is an update coming to Time Move soon. This update will make big changes to the game and will be adding a lot of features. These feature will be game modes, shops, etc...

What Game Modes?

These game modes will be Endless Time the current game mode that is available, but there will be changes to it by adding more enemies and items also the area where you battle in to collect coins will change randomly. Running Time, in this game you only run one way but you control when you move as you still control time, you have to run and collect coins and you also need to avoid objects that may kill you. Platforming Time is a platformer where you control time and make your way through levels and levels and collect coins and take part in boss battles, quests and help helpless npc's. Free Time is an open world game mode, in this game mode you have the choice of what you want to do. Want to build a house, go ahead. Want to customise the house, go ahead. Want to destroy the house and mess it up yourself, ...go ahead? Want to go to a park, police station, fire station, hospital, museum, pet shop, grocery store and a gun store? You do what you want. These are all the game modes that will be in 'Time Move'.

List Of Game Modes :

  • Endless Time
  • Running Time
  • Platforming Time
  • Free Time

When Will The Update Be Out?

The update will be out soon. It is still in progress, but will be out by next week or the latest a month due to personal issues that are arising soon. The update will be split into 2 due to it being a big update. In the first part of the update it will include everything but the game mode Free Time due to that being a big game mode, due to the fact that it is an open world game mode and that you do whatever you want to do. The second part of the update will contain any bug fixes from the first part of the update and will contain Free Time and any further features that i feel will make the game more better and fun to play.

Where Can You Find Out More About The Update?

You can follow me on social media to keep up to date with anything that happens or any delays that might happen but hopefully they won't. If you follow me on social media you will be able to know everything that is happening and any other further hints or screenshots to the update or other games i plan to release.

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